Tokyo, 24 Junuary 1996, Seigo Yamaguchi Sensei passed away.

This information is to reintroduce his life and accomplishment briefly. Three pages are prepared not only for those who are familiar with his budo and personality but also for those who love Budo.

History of young age

Seigo Yamaguchi was born in Fukuoka Prefecture in Kyushu and had many brothers and one sister. It is heard that he was once very vital boy, and at that time he read many books which were stocked by his father, a principal of public school. This random reading of history, literature and philosophy in his early age helped to form his basement of culture. He graduated one of traditional high school, Denshukan, which were founded by YANAGAWA-HAN (one of collective Samurai clan) in Edo period and then entered an advanced school (now university), called Hiroikegakuen founded by Dr.Hiroike. But at that time he was urged to be a member of Japanese military because of the World War II. In the military he belonged to navy, and at the end of the War his mission was to attack American ship directly with bombs by using a small submarine itself. So it was KAMIKAZE mission of the Japanese Navy. Many young colleagues had already died because of the attacks and he also made a poet before going to his final attack, but suddenly the War became end.

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